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Courses, videos, articles, podcasts, and all you need to skill-up your team

With Edflex you can:

  • Access qualified resources form your selected topics.
  • Build-up the learners lifelong learning Score
  • Have live support from expert curators
  • Brand your own experience.
  • Help maximize training engagement

A Talent Development Platform

Edflex is a talent development platform that expertly aggregates some of the highest regarded training resources available online (videos, articles, courses, podcasts). Edflex customizes your organization’s learning experience to respond to your learner needs.

What learners say they need


of employees plan to learn a new skill or topic in the year to come. Edflex provides an almost unlimited set of soft-skill training resource, from empathy, emotional intelligence, team building...you name it


of employees say they stay in the job in part due to the quality of training. Edflex provides curated training resources from the highest quality sources, guaranteeing a great level of engagement and employee satisfaction.


of employees are more likely to train by themselves after COVID. Edflex empowers the employee with self-paced learning paths and ad-hoc resources for their day-to-day needs.

Transform your training with Edflex

What L&D departments say they need


of L&D leaders chose to build a culture of continual learning over any other learning strategy. Edflex incorporates the lifelong learning score giving control to the employee and visibility to the trainer.


of training managers know they need to increase training opportunities. Edflex provides instant access to thousands of relevant resources curated by experts and ranked by the learning community.


of L&D Managers prefer to source their content from well-known universities or organizations. Edflex curates content from the most prestigious universities and commercial organizations.

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Customized catalog

Learning Resources are grouped by predefined categories.

Learning Paths

A sequence of resources to achieve specific goals.

Monthly selection

Fresh qualified resources added every 30 days.

Learning expert

Qualified subject matter experts select resources based on learner's preference.

Curation process

AI engines and qualified experts curate and rank resources.


All learning activity is tracked and compounds to your Lifelong learning score.

Hear directly from our clients

"The most important thing for us, regarding the opening up of in-company training, was to start from the principle that we must give freedom. What we have done over the past two years has completely opened up our offer, thanks to a partnership with a content curation solution that has been very positive for us. So positive in fact, that we will also with opening opportunities on LinkedIn Learning, with remote formats and classic, mixed formats..."

–Cécile Deman, HR Director


"Most employees are constantly learning and looking for opportunities to increase their skillset. The Learning Curation Platform saves us time and money by connecting our employees to the resources they’re looking for."

–Carole Balligand, Talent Director Sitel Group

"It was important for us to support our employees in this new method of learning with selections adapted to our company strategy. We wanted to customize MOOC’s recommendations and offer our employees the opportunity to be guided by a Chat of their choice."

–Anny Grjebine, Campus Director

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Edflex easily integrates with your learning ecosystem

  • SSO integration with your HRIS or LMS
  • Quick customization and implementation in less than 2 weeks. 
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to continuously optimize usage.

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